Common logic would suggest that having the outside of a booklet printed on 100lb gloss cover, and printing the inside pages on gloss text, would be a good idea . Clients want to do this to differentiate the cover from the internal pages. Be aware that there is an issue with that, if the service provider is running a project on a copier.

If you are doing a basic fold and saddle stitch process, the artwork will tend to crack when the 100lb gloss cover page is folded. This is because of the combination of the way a copier prints to a page (more on this in a future post), and the thickness of the stock.

The good news is that artwork tends to be designed to proactively differentiate the cover from the internal pages anyway. If that is not enough, then consider printing the cover in color and the internal pages in black & white. Or use a different binding option altogether, such as spiral plastic coil, comb bind, etc.


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