Archive for July 26th, 2007

One of the more amusing comments I hear is “I’d like to stay local”, which of course is another way of saying “I’d like you to reduce your price”. It is not a bad tactic really, because at least the client is giving the printer the opportunity to get the business (a.k.a. ‘sharpen the pencil’).  Some clients want local business for their comfort of better service. Some clients are truly trying to grow the local economy.

In any three of these cases, the fact remains that they may not be getting their product local even if the printing establishment they are buying from is local, meaning it is not uncommon for companies that are brokers to source out of state. As an example, one of the larger chains known today in Phoenix (our competitor) buys their print goods from Glendale and San Diego, California.

No buyer truly has control of this practice, mainly because it is the buyers’ fault. What?!? Yes, it is simple economics. Clients constantly push for better pricing, and printers search for more efficient and cost-effective sources, and sometimes those sources tend to be out of state. Is this sounding familiar (can you say outsourcing overseas)?

That said, don’t be surprised if someone figures out how to take this business out-of-country. Sad to say, but we’ll be the ones to blame for it, because we tend to eat our young (figuratively speaking).

On the flip side, it forces us as business to become more efficient, which is harldy ever a bad practice. So, save yourself the embarassment of sounding ‘loco’ when you talk about wanting to be ‘local’.


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