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There are many types of folding, some of which have more than one name. Here is a good cheat-sheet to help understand the basic folds:

Accordian Fold or Z-Fold: Both are similar, but the Accordian fold is typically referenced when there is more than 2 folds per page.


Half Fold: Simply stated, this is folding a page in half.

Half Fold

Trifold or Letter Fold: This has two folds with the panels folded towards the same side of the page.

Letter Fold

French Fold or Cross Fold: This is basically two Half Folds.

French Fold

Double Parallel Fold: This is a way folding the page within itself.

Double Parallel Fold

Gate Fold: As the name would suggest, this fold allows a person to open a page like two gates.

Gate Fold

Barrel Fold: This is like a Letter Fold, but with three folds.

Barrel Fold

Then there’s Ben Folds…..just kidding.


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