Archive for March 12th, 2008

For those clients looking for that gold, copper or other metallic color, there is a solution. Albeit, a solution that will cost a little more and needs guidance.

MetalFX Technology ( manufacturers a “special” ink that results in a metallic shiny look. Printers have to be licensed by MFX in order to print with their inks. Designers need to get with the licensed printer, to get the software they need to create the artwork appropriately. MFX offers samples through online request. Check them out, and ask your broker to help guide you through this process.

Note that MFX is not the only company out there providing this kind of ink. Metallics Unlimited is another brand that apparently achieves a metallic look by simply adding a silver spot color to existing inks, which may be more of a cost-effective route. The brand that is used is usually dependant on what the printers are offering.

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