Archive for March 20th, 2008

There are printers in the industry, typically in the commercial space, that will tell a broker that they “work with brokers”. What they don’t tell brokers is that it won’t stop them from calling broker’s clients directly. This tactic is called ‘poaching’, which is a despicable approach to business. Not to mention, it condones a bad reputation of the entire broker community, which is not a surprise when you consider the direct model of print business. 

As an example of how disloyal and diabolical these printers can be, there is a local Phoenix printer that, at one time, went so far as to recruit all the best print sales people in the area, offering higher salaries than the competition. All those sales people brought their clients with them, and after a year, the printer fired most of the sales staff in an attempt to retain the clients.

This is definately the kind of company that brokers need not deal with. Should a broker need to do business with a direct-model printer (maybe they have an offering that no one else has), then definately get a non-compete written up by a lawyer.

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