Archive for April 17th, 2008

Can a printer and/or broker rush an order?

The answer is yes, as long as a client is willing to pay more, and increase their risk of error. The important part to note here is the increase in risk. Pressuring anything or anyone to reduce turn-around time tends to allow eyes to stray from the details of a project. The problem seems to begin with the primary requestor (i.e. someone’s boss)┬ábecause they don’t understand that printing begins as a service, not a tangible product like a grocery store item. Or it begins with a secondary requestor (a person fulfilling a request for the primary requestor, such as a purchaser) that was given a deadline, but let the deadline slide, and are now in a pickle to get the job done.

The moral of the story is that lack of detail begets lack of detail.

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