Archive for January 29th, 2009

I was fortunate enough to get into a music convention/trade show a couple of weekends ago. I met a lot of musicians like Michael Anthony of Van Halen, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, Doug Aldrich of Whitesnake, Warren Demartini and Bobby Blotzer from Ratt, Mick Mars from Motley Crue, Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson from Testament, Lemmy and Micky Dee from Motorhead, Nicko McBrain from Iron Maiden, etc.

Let’s face the fact that all these guys run a business like anyone else. Thus, you can see that they have lived off their brands and logos for some time. Think about Van Halen’s VH with wings or Iron Maiden’s logo and their mascot Eddie or Megadeth’s logo and mascot Vic Rattlehead. 

I was surprised by the fact that individual musicians did not have their own logos. Consider all the musicians that are sort of free agents in the music world, but have made quite a name for themselves, such as Billy Sheehan, Sheila E, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai. If these folks had a logo, it certainly wasn’t evident. Even MMA fighters such as Bas Rutten have their own logo, so why wouldn’t these talented musicians have one. I am guessing that they feel their name is enough, but it just seems like they are doing themselves a diservice by not supporting their brand identity with an individual logo.



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