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PMS stands for Pantone Matching System. Sometimes clients prefer this type of printing to either save money, guarantee color consistency, or to print with speciality colors like metallics.


Often times, clients will prefer to save money on certain printing items such as envelopes, letterhead, an business cards and turn to 2-color PMS printing instead of the traditional 4-color printing.


A PMS color is an actual ink that is purchased in the desired hue – not mixed from the traditional cyan, magenta, yellow, or black inks. Think of it it terms of nail polish or car paint. You don’t buy a blue color paint and try to mix it with a yellow paint in order to touch up your green car. instead, you buy the manufacturer paint for your exact vehicle and color, so when you do the touch up it matches you car perfectly. Likewise, when you print a PMS color it should match perfectly from the first print to the last, even if you print at different printers, and even if you print your pieces at different times.


In some applications such as packaging, a client may choose to add a metallic color to a four color project, which in turn makes it a 5 color printing job. PMS inks come in a variety of metallic colors and can really make a great design shine!

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