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Back in “The days of Yore when men were bold and things were rotten,” (as my high school chemistry teacher used to say) type was created and drawn by hand. Artists would painstakingly draw each letterform with straight lines and smooth curves paying close attention to the size of each letter and the amount of space in between.


Since the advent of computers and the ever growing sophistication of graphics programs the fine art of typography has gotten buried in the back of our closets like a long lost sock. Perhaps typography classes aren’t part of the curriculum anymore, or perhaps students underestimate the importance.


But it is very important. Have you ever seen a logo, headline or other typographic treatment where there is a space between 2 letters that seems wider than the rest? It looks a little off, not quite right, and you wonder… maybe that product, service or client is a little off. Or perhaps it’s a sign they are sloppy and just don’t care. Probably not the impression that company would want you to have of them.


So, as a designer I make a point to carefully look at the typography I create. I don’t simply trust that my computer knows what looks good. After all, I paid a lot of money to earn my degree, and clients pay their hard earned money for a quality product.

It’s one of those details that separates a good artist from a truly brilliant one.


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