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All of the marketing materials, ads, logos, brochures, websites and other projects you create are all meant to help you sell your product or service. So in order for them to effectively do that, it’s best to include your USP – Unique Selling Point.


Even though you may have a product or service that is not unique, it is important to position yourself as different from your competition. Maybe you have been around longer, offer your products for cheaper, have excellent customer service, or maybe the product or service itself has features that other companies don’t offer. Whatever that thing is that makes you super special, you should be sure it’s included in every piece of marketing you create. That way, what you leave behind or mail out can help make the deal.


Designers love to understand your USP. That way we can emphasize it on brochures, write a tagline that hits home, and design ads that really speak to your target audience. So take awhile to think about how you want to market your company. The time you spend now will be worth every penny in the future.



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