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One way to add interest and elegance to your business card or brochure is to use a spot varnish. You’ve seen spot varnishes before – with business cards that when you turn them in the light part of the card has a gloss or shine over it. When used in something like a brochure it could add dimension to images and logos and help them really jump off the page!


It’s a simple procedure to utilize spot varnishes in your designs. You create the brochure or other piece to the usual specifications. After the piece is designed, silhouettes of the areas that are to be varnished are created and set up as alternate pages or color separations. Try adding varnishes to just part of a photo – the differences in texture give the image a sort of three dimensional effect. The printer will print your project in the approved colors first, then they apply the varnish over the top in the areas that were designated.


The cost could be slightly higher for this added feature, but the price may be worth it if your card impresses the client as much as you do!

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