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Recently there was a commercial with girl who took a bunch of photos with her digital camera and merged them together to make a panoramic on her computer. This feature is available with many photo programs these days and can be easily achieved if you start with the right images.


Essentially, you will take your digital camera and photograph one area, then move the camera slightly and take another pictures, and so on. But there are a few things to keep in mind at the image taking stage:

• Keep the camera as level as possible. For example, place the camera on a table or lock your arms tightly against your body to avoid too much variation in the up and down movement of the camera.

• Use the same zoom, and don’t move your position. Simply stand in one spot for all of the images and don’t zoom in or out for individual shots – choose one zoom level and be consistent throughout

• Allow for some overlap from one picture to the next -this will help the program recognize how and where to patch together the image


Once you have the right shots you image program can do the rest. Each program may have it’s own way of created panoramic images and you may use the help section to determine your specific programs procedure. With Adobe Photoshop you simply choose File —> Automate —–> Photomerge and follow the prompts to combine your various photos into one colossal masterpiece!


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