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A lesson using the dodge tool in Photoshop.

If you’ve tried whitening your teeth with filler trays, strips, laser treatments and more only to find that the results are not permanent, have no fear Photoshop teeth whitening system is here!

This is an example of an smile that we can make whiter using the dodge tool. The dodge tool is something that relates back to real dark room photography where if you wanted to lighten a certain area of a photo you would limit the exposure of light on that part of the paper using a wand like tool.



Choose the Dodge tool as indicated by the red circled area of this example. Be sure to choose an appropriate brush size for the area you are retouching (as close to the size of the tooth will work best for this). Next, choose Midtones for your range as well as 100% for your exposure.

NOTE: If you do not see the dodge tool in your program try clicking and holding over the current tool and you will find it in those options.



With the dodge tool selected, carefully “paint” over the teeth (try not to get into the shadows of the mouth, but overlapping the gum can be ok). Repeat this step until desired look is achieved.


NOTE: If you go too far or use the wrong sized brush you will eventually take all of the detail out of the teeth making them look whiter, but fake. The trick is to make a difference without overdoing it!


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