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(Warning: Fine Art Painters Often Cringe at This Trick, but for the Artistically Impaired it’s a Great Way to Add Art To Your Home!)


Start with a gorgeous photo. This works best when the image is not too dark or too light. Be sure you resize your image to the size you intend to print it at. For the purposes of this project it is ok if the dpi is a little less than 300. And it’s also ok if you want to cheat it to be 300 dpi.



Be sure you are in RBG mode. Not sure? Go to the Image Menu, choose mode from the pull down and then choose RGB. Next go to the Filter Menu, choose artistic from the drop down and then Watercolor from that drop down menu.



In different versions of Photoshop this will take you to different but similar windows. In this example, you can see I chose Watercolor – as indicated in the small red circle. Then I changed the sliders to the right until the image was to my liking (I prefer high detail, low shadows and high texture), then I hit ok.

NOTE: I will sometimes repeat steps two and three a couple of times to get more of a watercolor effect.


Final Product is a beautiful watercolor-esque look that you can have printed on a large format printer or even a canvas for framing for your home!


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