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ProjectCenter and EAR CANDY, a non-profit music organization, have teamed up in the 2010 Instrument Drive. ProjectCenter donated over 15,000 units of printed marketing materials, and will continue to support them as they devote themselves to providing children access to music education.

Arizona is ranked last in per-person educational funding, and arts programs are typically the first to be cut from a school budget.

“A year ago, I had an aspiration”, reflects Kak from ProjectCenter. “How could I combine my love for music, my desire to be a part of a charity (something my wife has always been good at) and have it be a part of my business? A year later I ran into Nate Anderson at a convention in California and here we are today.”

For more information on how to get involved with Ear Candy, visit their website at


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ProjectCenter's Facebook Page
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