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Already, 30% of the direct mail and marketing campaigns handled by ProjectCenter incorporate Quick Response barcodes. Given the advantages they present, we expect the number of clients utilizing QR barcodes to skyrocket this year, and here’s why:

This one image can contain 200 times the information held on a standard barcode, and people are getting very creative in its use and applications.  The key is that mobile phones can read and collect information from these barcodes. When you (or your client) receive a brochure or postcard,  you can simply use your iPhone or Blackberry (and others) to scan the barcode. This action automatically instructs your phone to:

  • Go to a website
  • Show a Google map of a location
  • Automatically ring a number or send a text to a number
  • Send a business card
  • Download an app
  • Display text

In short, any print materials such as flyers, posters, invites, postcards and such can now contain:

  • product details
  • contact details
  • offer details
  • event details
  • competition details
  • a coupon
  • Twitter, Facebook, MySpace IDs
  • a link to a YouTube video
  • audio files
  • directions

The possibilities are endless. QR Barcodes provide you highly creative, custom tailored and increasingly effective ways to launch your marketing into the mobile world. They are easy to design and implement without licensing or usage fees. ProjectCenter has been suggesting that our clients adopt and use it on all their marketing as we feel the QR barcode will be the glue to bind your print campaign with the benefits and volume of data offered digitally.

Watch for a “QR Barcode” button on our website in the coming days or contact Matt Shearer ( for a sit-down discussion.


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