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Objects created in vector programs such as Adobe Illustrator are made up of paths. Paths are mathematically calculated, and describe the relationship between two points. Straight paths are called lines while all other paths are called curves.

In order to create a point in Illustrator you simply choose the pen tool and click on the page. Click again in another location and you get a straight line. Click, hold down, and drag and you can create a curve. When you are creating a curve in illustrator you get what are called “handle bars“. These handle bars allow you to alter the direction and intensity of the curve.

Pen Tool A

Anatomy of a path:

1. Anchor Point

2. Control Points – you can control the bend of a curve by selecting these with your direct selection tool (white arrow) and moving them or their handle bars.

3. Handle Bars – show you the direction in which the curve is going. There are no handle bars on straight paths.

4. Paths – the lines that connect two points.

Types of Points & Lines:

1. Corner Point – they have only straight path segments connected to them.

2. Combination Points – have one straight path and one curved path connected to them.

3. Smooth Points – have two curved paths connected to them.

4. Straight Line

5. Curved Line


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