A lesson in using Hue/Saturation in Photoshop.


With experience in doing packaging designs for retail sporting companies it was essential to know how to change the colors of different items within a photograph. Similar packaging would be created for Walmart, Target, and other large department stores and product or model coloring was changed to give each brand it’s own look.





You can make these changes with almost any item in any photograph, but it is always easier if the item has clearly defined edged. In this case we are going to select only the shirt. You can do this by using the pen tool or selection tools – doesn’t matter how you get there as long as your selection is clean and accurate.





With your selection made go to the IMAGE menu down to the ADJUSTMENTS submenu and choose HUE/SATURATION.


Hue Bar



By sliding the Hue bar in the pop up you can easily change the over all color of the shirt. By sliding the saturation you can make the color more vibrant or dull. NOTE: this method works best with non-patterned, single colored selections. There is a more advanced method using alpha channels that would be better for altering the colors of a more complicated pattern.


Shade1Shade 2Shade 3Shade 4



With this method you can change the color of a shirt to make the image look different, or to match a particular background, or to represent different product options quickly and easily.



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