Online Repository (a.k.a. Online Depository) is an outsourced, off-site place where electronic files and documents can be stored. This service is often tied to scanning, meaning clients that use scanning services also use Online Repository services on occasion. In addition to the benefits of scanning, such as the reduction of physical space and more efficient organization of documents, Online Repository allows a client to hold these documents off-site. Here are some benefits:

1) Off-site backup might be considered most important for minor and major distasters occurances. Moving locations, fried computers, stolen equipment, stolen data, fires,  and destructive weather are all issues that can be overlooked until they happen. Needless to say, having information off-site protects clients from lost data.

2) Lately, with the ever-mounting traffic problems, people are working from home. Online Repository allows clients to access information from anywhere. This saves time on the management needed to give outside users access to vital documentation.

3) Off-site backup reduces the space needed for onsite backup, allowing clients to reduce the budget needed for storage in their I.T. departments.

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