A simple lesson in using Photoshop’s Clone Tool.

Many times we take digital photos that may be great pictures but possess tiny flaws like acne, stray hairs, moles, bruises, etc. Photoshop has a solution that allows us to erase imperfections as if they never existed. Meet the clone tool.

Here is an example of a girl with some moles and sun damage on her face.

Here is an example of a girl with some moles and sun damage on her face.



By selecting the Clone Tool in Adobe Photoshop (it’s the one that looks like a mini rubber stamp) we can erase the moles. After selecting the Clone Tool, be sure to set your brush size to something close to the size of the spot you are trying to remove.


Move your cursor to an area that is clean just outside one of the moles. Because the Clone Tool will make an exact copy of the area your choose, it is important to choose coloring would look natural in the area you are looking to correct.


With the Clone Tool selected and your mouse over the clean area hold down the OPTION key (you will see the cursor changes symbols) and click the mouse once. This means you have selected to clone from that location.


Now go to the nearby mole and with the Clone Tool still selected click your mouse once over the mole (no OPTION key this time). What you will see is that the mole is now starting to be covered up by the cloned area.


You will carefully repeat this process of choosing an area to clone from (holding down OPTION key while clicking the area) and then carefully clicking on the areas that need to be corrected until the mole (or other flaw) is gone. While it may be tempting to use a larger brush or to do sweeping motions to correct large areas I would advise against it. You are likely to notice repeat patterns or wrong coloration what will make your efforts look fake and not seamless.

The finished product in this example looks like this:


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