Whether it’s a logo, brochure, or even an entire web design, chances are you’re designing it will full color in mind. But how do you know exactly what shades and colors will work well together? The answers are all around you.


Look to Nature

When you look at your garden, what colors do you see? Doesn’t the deep brown of the mulch paired with the light green of new plant growth give you a feeling of newness?


Look In A Magazine

Todays fashion drives the hottest trends in colors. So open up the latest In Style Magazine and see what colors the models are wearing!


Look In Home Depot

One of my favorite sources for color inspiration is the paint department of the Home Depot  or Lowes. When I want something new and unexpected for a design I pick up some paint swatches – they even have ones that show complimentary color combinations!


Look On The Web

Just like the Home Depot color swatches there are sites on the web that have some pre-packaged color scheme ideas. is one of my personal favorites as it has various ways you can mix and match colors.


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