In this day and age, everybody has a computer. Everybody has access to fun fonts and colors. And everyone has a nephew, brother, aunt, cousin, or friend who can make a logo for their business. So why pay a professional to design one for you? The answer is simple. You want results.

I, for example, went to a 4-year art school and graduated with a BFA in design. I had the advantage of learning from some of the best in the industry all about branding an image, the correct use of typography, and the effects of color in design. I know the subtle insights that will make your logo effectively portray the style and mission of your company. It’s not simply a matter of picking out a piece of clip art and trying on some fonts until you get something you like. It’s about creating an image that will be recognizable, memorable, and reach your target audience. Whether the company is a home improvement contractor or a venture capitalist, a florist or a college, the key is to develop a look that perfectly suits the client’s needs.

Everybody wants to be the next Nike, Google, or McDonalds. With all due respect to all of the nephews, brothers, aunts, cousins, or friends who have computers and are willing to “put something together for you”, if you want to brand your image and company, hire a professional. The right designer, amply educated in results oriented design will make a world of difference between THE PLACE that people go to for that service, or just another ‘joe schmo’ in the phone book.

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  1. Nikki on February 27, 2009 9:20 pm

    Haha well when you break out in your bling and bell bottoms let me know! jks

    This is a very interesting post. Im really interested in logo design atm 🙂

  2. projectcenter on February 27, 2009 9:26 pm

    Probably at the next 70’s them party, which are still so popular these days. 🙂

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