A Lesson in Using the Healing Brush In Photoshop

As we age, our skin becomes less elastic, combine that with almost constant sun exposure and you get wrinkles. Now there is a quick and easy way to turn back the hands of time without the cost and pain of surgery! Meet the Healing Brush!


The Healing Brush is a fairly new feature in Photoshop so if you have an older version, or another program similar to Photoshop you may not have this feature. Choose a photo you would like to manipulate for this project.


Choose the Healing Brush, which looks like a band-aid and is highlighted in red on this example. Choose an appropriate brush size for the area you wish to correct. Too small a brush may make the job too time intensive. Too large of a brush may make it sloppy. You may need to change your brush size to address different areas.


With the Healing Brush chosen go to a clear, clean part of your image. The healing brush copies the PATTERN of the area you are choosing – not the color, so theoretically, we could choose to heal using the blue background because it is so smooth and clean. Problem with using the background is it may be TOO smooth and clean and end up looking fake in the area around the eye. So I would suggest in this case taking from the cheek area. To choose the smooth area you’d like to copy from, have your cursor over the area, hold down the OPTION key and click once. Now this area is chosen.


To apply the smooth area to the wrinkles, you now place your cursor over the wrinkled area and click your mouse again (No OPTION key this time). You will see in that area the wrinkles begin to disappear! Have patience when doing this type of work. Although it may be tempting to use a really large brush or to correct using sweeping brushstrokes what you will likely end up with is something sloppy, blurry, and fake looking. Also, this is one of those cases that you can go too far. Yes we want this man to look younger, but if we remove every fold and wrinkle it just doesn’t end up looking believable.

Repeat steps three and four until the desired effect is achieved.

Post written by KRSmith.


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