It is very common for clients to send mailing lists, in excel format, that have extraneous information (i.e. email addresses, account numbers, etc.) not needed for the labeling of the printed materials. This is not too big of an issue if it is a long-term client, because a good broker probobaly knows what is needed and what is not. Even with that said, it is still a good idea to keep the mailing list as clean as possible, to reduce the risk of poor results.

An incident happened to us where a client had all kinds of information on a mailing list, which we eliminated in the past without issue. In this case, there was information that was needed, and subsequently, mail ended up getting returned. Although that wasn’t a great experience, it forced us to always provide a proof of the label information before mailing any product, for all future mail orders (does your broker provide mail proofs???).

It isn’t absolutely necessary to prune your mailing list, because the mail house should be able to provide that service and provide a proof, but if you can limit the risk, why not do so?


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