A Consumer Data List is a list that provides information on non-business related people. As the name would suggest, this data is best used when businesses are trying to get the attention of the consumer.

Some of the free selections that can be made to fine-tune a list:




-Marital Status

-Households with children

-Age & gender of children

-Households with seniors

-Homeowner or renter

-Home value

-Year home built

-Length of residence

-Verified homeowner flag

There are other chargeable options such as Date of Birth, Education Level, Occupation, Number of Children, Investors, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Religion, Email Users, Housing Type Detail, Home Purchase Date, Loan to Value Range, Available Home Equity, Hobbies & Interests, Ranking Invitiation to Credit Approvals, Credit Card Users, New Bank Card Issued, Mail Order Buyer, Types of Retail Purchases, PC Owner, DSL/High-Speed User, New Parent, Recent Mortgage Borrower, Recent Home Buyer, Child Nearing High School Graduation, etc.

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