It might not be always easy to make needed changes in a scanned document. However, with MS word processing software to use with scanned documents it is now possible to convert any scanned document into a Microsoft Word file.

But before beginning this process it is necessary to know about the use of this software (i.e. its installation process, scanning process etc). Prior to the installation process of the MS word processing software to use with scanned documents make sure that the computer in which the software is being installed also has Adobe Acrobat Professional 7. A scanner and all the other documents need to be ready at that time.

Scanning the document:

• Place the document that is to be scanned into the scanner and click on the Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.
• Before beginning with the scanning process it is necessary to set the software program as mentioned below.
• Click on the file menu >create PDF> From scanner
• Click the scanner drop down after you click on the create PDF from scanner. Then select the type of your scanner.
• Select front sides for one-sided documents or both sides for double-sided documents after selecting the scan menu. Be sure that the documents that are to be scanned are open.
• Click on the settings button and make sure that the Recognize Text Using OCR box is activated.

Converting the scanned documents into Word file using the MS Word Processing Software to use with scanned documents:

• From the PDF Output Style menu of the Recognize Text- Settings select Formatted Text and Graphics and press ok.
• Click scan after adjusting the settings.
• A dialog box asking for the next page will appear after the scanning of the first page is over.
• If the document is single-paged then click ok, and if the document consists of numerous pages press the next button.
• Continue this process till the last page and once the pages to be scanned are over click the done option.

The next step is of converting the scanned document into a word document with the MS Word Processing software to use with scanned documents. After the scanning of the document is done, save this document as a Microsoft Word Document, making it easier to make the necessary changes.

• From the file menu select the Save As menu after the scanning is done.
• Enter the desired name of the file in the Save As window.
• Select the desired location where you want the file to be saved.
• Select the Microsoft Word Document option from the format menu.
• Then click on the settings button.
• Uncheck the Include Images option from the Save As DOC Settings window and press ok and save the document.

It is now possible to make the necessary changes in the scanned documents desired, with the help of MS Word Processing software to use with scanned documents, making the task easier.


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