I recently saw an opportunity via a LinkedIn group, where a seeker of printing services asked if the responder of her request was a broker. When the responder said “yes”, the seeker said “I already have one of those”. 

Hmmmm……”those”. An interesting statement.

I had been in the technical reseller business for 11 years, and can tell you through experience that resellers are sometimes the only people you can rely on in tough times. I’ve seen manufacturers of products come and go, while the resellers is always there to help the client. End users believed for a long time that the best service was through a direct relationship with the manufacturer, and the result was that a client would eventually become disenchanted, or the manufacturer would make changes to their product line, or the manufacturer would simply go out of business. Who was left? The reseller who was nimble enough to have different but equivelent solutions.

So the big questions are…..

Are brokers all that bad to have during these economic times?

Is it possible that we will see printers go out of business?

Is the printing business somewhat economy-proof?



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