It is very common for clients to push for sooner-than-expected project completions. This can be directly correlated to insufficient planning, which can be directly correlated to an unintended lack of printing awareness.

Let it be known that, as a general rule of thumb, simple offset print jobs take 3-5 days to process. This 3-5 days would include the printing process and delivery, but does not include designing, prepress designing, mailing, or finishing services such as folding, binding, foiling, embossing, etc.

As for designing, there can be no general estimated time given. Each project is treated separately and requires an individual estimate. Prepress designing, which includes the proofing process, can take as little as 1 day if the proof is approved in an immediate manner.

For each finishing service provided, it is suggested to add 2 more days to the project.

For mailing services, if the mailing list is provided in a prompt manner, adding 2-3 days to your project is customary.

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