Print On Demand is a term that has been thrown around for some time now. It typically relates to online internet purchasing, where a client can log into a website, load or choose artwork, sometimes allow text information to be inserted and then print and ship to the client.  This is a great source for those that do not need personal service.

There are some drawbacks, such as the aforementioned lack of service. A lot of POD outlets provide very little or no customer service, and rightfully so since they tend to have to sell their product at razor-thin margins.

Sometimes there are stipulations such has having to buy a minimum amount of stock (i.e. shells) that is printed with basic information, with variable information to be inserted online later and printed again. Also, with products such as business cards, it is very common for a client to have to enter information and place an order for each card needed, rather than being able to enter and print multiple cards at a time.

People seem to like the ‘whiz-bang’ features of Print On Demand. Most online sources have a function where a template proof appears on the screen, and when information is changed, the changes take place in real time as you are viewing the proof.

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