Shells refer to preprinted stationery (typically business cards) that are stocked for future additional printing. As an example, a client might want to maintain a certain image for the materials, but have a lot of employees to manage.

A client like this would have shells printed, that would include images and text that would not change from piece to piece (i.e. company logo, license information, tag lines, etc.).  These shells would be stocked at the printer’s facility, and when a client’s employee needs stationery, the shells are then run through the printer again, only printing the employee’s the variable info (i.e. contact information).

Some companys offer an easy way for client’s employees to add their own information online (see and click “Stationery Reorders”). Websites like this offer the employee and/or client a real-time visual example of the piece that are creating. Once the employee approves the online proof, printed materials are shipped directly to the client.


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