So a client comes to you asking for a promotional product, such a coffee cup with their logo on it. You might think it’s as easy as making a call, getting a quote and and ordering. Not so fast Cowboy!

First, it is very unlikely that you will have compettive pricing by just making a call to a promotional products company. There’s a whole structure of the promotional products industry that involves manufacturing (usually out of China), distribution and suppliers. To be involved in this structure so that you have access to wholesale-like pricing and vendors to purchase from, you need to be a part of organizations such as ASI ( and PPAI ( Respectively, these acronyms stand for Advertising Specialty Institute and Promotional Products Association International.

These organizations have certain requirements to be a member. These requirements are typically involve a filled-out application, proof of past promotional products purchases (around 3-5 references) and a yearly fee (around $400).

To be quite honest, that still does not assure the best pricing. Once a part of an organization, it takes time to build enough sales to then ask vendors for discounts.


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