ProjectCenter recently had a common client project where color images were to be scanned to a digital format, image-keyed, and given back to the client in a specified format. The hard copy images were scanned into a PDF digtal format.

Unfortunately, there arose an issue where eScanIT would not recognize a great portion (98%) of the images brought into the program. eScan IT would pick 2 random pages and key them, but leave the rest unrecognized. This was the only occurance experienced.

The solution to this issue was to simply convert the PDF files to individual TIFFs. Once that was completed, the IPRO eScan-IT program was able to recognize all the images.


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  1. Pieter Ardinois on January 12, 2008 2:03 pm

    I did a project once for large format scans, that was in the line of your solutions. We use other programs, but the outcome was the same. Since then we consider PDF as an end format. Scanned images are always stored as tiff files until they leave our digital workflow.

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