Tip #1: Choose a Good Photo

As an example, the best photos are with the dog standing in full or 3/4 profile. The photo should exhibit good color and strong contrast. Contrast is important – particularly contrast with the background – if the dog blends into the background all anyone will see is a blob. This is especially important with blues and blacks. Blues and blacks almost always look best in photos taken in strong sunlight with light-colored backgrounds.

Tip #2: Use a Good Scanner

Many scanners, particularly cheap ones, will ruin just about any photo. For as little as $150 it is better to buy a top rated scanner like the Epson 1240U.

Tip #3: Ignore “scan for the web options”

It is better to avoid “scan for the web” options in the scanner so that options such as enlarging color correcting, and so forth, can be utilized.

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