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There are different levels of service and pricing when scanning is needed. Here are some brief details to help clients understand the scanning processes:

Straight Run Auto Feed- Originals that are rubber-banded or loose documents. This type of work does not require any preparation by the operator to being scanned. The orginals must be in excellent condition (one-sided, same size with no staples, clips, tabs or folders).

Light Litigation- Originals that are thick stapled and clipped sections of documents. Occasionally, small sections of stapled or clipped documents of only a few pages may be mixed in, but not to the extent of slowing the output of the scanning. This category includes originals that are all 2-sided, even if considered “auto-feed”.

Medium Litigation- Originals that are primarily stapled and clipped sections of both letter and legal size documents, including file folders, folder tabs, numeric and alpha tabs, which are to be scanned. These jobs require more handing and organization. Occasionally, small receipts or smaller-sized originals may be mixed in, but not to the extent of slowing the out put of the job.

Heavy Litigation- Originals described as “Medium Litigation”, but with fewer pages in the stapled or clipped sections (5 pages or less), mixed sizes of originals, such as receipts, envelopes, half pages, and poor contrast documents that will require adjustment to product an acceptable scanned image. Included in this are documents marked, “Scan Tagged or Clipped Documents Only”.

Hand on Glass- Originals require that the operator place the documents directly on the scanner glass for scanning more than 50% of the time. Extremely poor quality originals, receipts, checks, etc., that require extensive handling and analysis on a page-by-page basis in order to produce a quality image.

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