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Bidding is common is most industries, mainly because some industries are based on commodity products. A great example might be the hardware technology industry, where any number of suppliers could be selling the exact same items. This, of course, encourages clients to bid out to get the best price possible.

Unfortunately, clients tend to forget that printing is a service business, and proceed to bid small jobs out to a bunch of service providers. This can and will eventually cause problems for the client for two reasons: 1) the printing business tends to be local in nature, so printers usually know each other and talk often; 2) the printing industry has historically done very well at maintaining it margins.

Printers will catch up to what a client is doing rather quickly, and will take measures, such as coming together with other printers, to prevent a client from taking advantage of the system. Here is a great example:

A prospective client requested to have printing done for their display/exhibit. The client could not or would not provide the specs for the tension banners that were needed for the it, so the printer was left having to contact the maker directly. Their response was that they had already quoted the client directly, and “3 other printers had already called” about this client requesting specs.

So the maker knew they were being priced out, which means they closed out the printers, making the printers looked foolish, which means the printers will most likely avoid the client in the future.

By the way, the end result of this real-life example was that the maker “screwed up” the client’s exhibit, and now the client has no alternative vendor to work with. 

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