Here we are again, speaking about this concept of clients seemingly finding more comfort dealing with a printer direct than a broker. For the brokers, I am providing some great responses and differentiators to help you overcome the common objections of brokered print services. Keep in mind that these responses assume that you are what I call an ‘above board’ broker, meaning that you state that you are a broker to your clients before doing business with them.

1)      All printers are brokers at some point- The simple fact is that there are virtually no printers out there that do everything ‘in-house’. At some point, in any given project, the printer will need to outsource the work to someone else, whether that is for coating, binding, die-cutting, etc.

2)      Printers often have a higher overhead than brokers- This is a good one, because once in awhile a client will ask to tour someone’s facilities. Now we know what that means- the client wants to see how ‘big’ the machines are, or be ‘wowed’ by the organization of the facility. The fact is that bigger machines and bigger facilities means more people, more bills, bigger lease- otherwise known as bigger overhead. It does not mean that printers cannot be competitive, but the broker has more flexibility to source jobs to what they deem to be the ‘best’ printers.  In fact, it is very common for brokers to work with niche outfits, as they don’t typically have as much overhead, to help reduce overall cost to the client.

3)      Relationship is everything- I am making the assumption that we are talking about brokers that have been around awhile. If that is the case, then it is likely that the client has seen their printer reps come and go, while you continue to help them time and again.

So there you have a few statements of reference to help educate your clients, and overcome the prospective client that hisses and forms a cross with their fingers. It is important to note that you should not act inappropriately (i.e. cocky, smug, brag) when making these statements, because no client really appreciates it when someone denounces the competition, and equally important, the printer they are using could actually be one of your vendors.



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