So, how much is a logo worth? Can one be designed for $50 or less (or for a “prize” amount as discussed in a previous post)? The answer is simple. It’s worth a lot. To the client and to the artist.

Your logo is the first and foremost piece of communication for your company. It will be on everything you produce in the future. From the sign on your front door, to your website, to your brochures, and even on administrative items like your fax sheet, paychecks and invoices. It’s just that important, so it’s certainly worth more than $50 prize.

By hiring the right designer, you will also take advantage of their knowledge of branding, typography, color theory, and marketing skills, which they surely paid a lot of money to achieve. When I design a logo I don’t simply “try on” a bunch of fonts until one looks good and slap a generic symbol on there for good measure. I want to delve in deep, get to know your company, it’s goals, it’s personality as well as your likes and dislikes. I design solutions that will meet your needs, speak to your intended audience, and fit the personality of the company.

So it takes time to properly develop a logo, and that is what you are paying for – the artists knowledge, talent, and time. Anyone can slap together some type and a piece of clip art with minimal time invested. But without the underlying branding support it will probably fall short of being successful and not hold up over time. Would you rather pay $50 and have to redo it again in the near future? Or pay a bit more for something that is on mark and will last?


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