Please take a look at the following tips to have a proper output.


Never overwrite the original – Make it a rule never to overwrite an original with an edited copy. It is better to stick to the original image at any cost.

Don’t forget the Undo command – Luckily, virtually every image editor on the face of the planet has an Undo command. Some allow us to use multiple Undo steps.

Don’t degrade the image – Applying an artistic filter or effect works fine; just don’t obliterate the image in the process! Keep your subject recognizable (even if that subject is suddenly embossed, rendered in pastels, changed into glass, or covered with flames). If we try to change the message we were trying to convey. Avoid enjoying too much of a good thing — if necessary, don’t forget It is better to use image editor’s Undo command to yank the image back from the last change we made.


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